Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 14

"Second full day in Foligno/Italia. Very productive in speaking some more Italian. Marta made me a cappucino this morning but they didn't have Special K cereal so I tried biscuits with chocolate chips with milk but they became soggy and I quickly tried to eat it. I had yogurt and hoped I wouldn't be hungry before lunch."

"Maura made rice with tuna, artichoke, egg, peppers and other veggies for lunch for us at the pool. So good and healthy. I haven't had pizza yet but Maura said Jessica and her family are going to meet us at a pizzeria tomorrow night for dinner. I can't wait! There is always something each day that makes me excited for tomorrow."

"Today Marta and I went to the pool for 7 hours. I got my first Italian burn. Hopefully it turns into my first Italian tan. :)"

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