Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17

"Last night for dinner I could smell something familiar cooking. I was excited to see it was puff pastry cooked with egg and prosciutto. I have never had that before but the puff pastry was something I definitely know. We also had a tortilla filled with proscuitto ham. After we ate tomatoes with olive oil. Then gelato for dessert!"

"For lunch today, Massimo made us bowtie (farfalle) pasta with feta cheese, arugala (rucola), and chunks of ham. Fresh grated cheese on top! Yum. I took this picture for you Bryant."

"Today, Massimo and I talked about American salad dressings and how we Americans have a hundred different types of dressings. Here in Italy they use only olive oil and balsamic. He said he remembered French dressing from when he went to the states. I told him most Americans don't have access to or choose to buy local foods so they disguise the flavor with dressings and spices. The food is very simple here, no disguises. The Italians do eat bigger portions here though. I think I am expanding my stomach. :( "

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