Friday, July 16, 2010

What You Should Expect...

I have decided in order to update my family and friends about my trip to Italy, I needed a method of writing. I am new to keeping a journal but I have been writing in it every spare minute I have (which isn't much)...which brings me to the conclusion to capture glimpses of what is in my journal and quote it on my blog. But! There are some details you should know before I begin...

Uno. Maura=Mom, Massimo=Dad, Marta=Daughter (12), Mattia=Son (14)
Due. I am living in Foligno, Italy (Umbria Region) for one month...later updates will follow.
Tre. The only thing the family asks from me is to speak English with the children. I can do that. But I will try to do a lot more.
Quattro. There are no apostrophes on this Italian keyboard so please forgive me.
Cinque. Nevermind. Spell check fixes the apostrophes for me! (and helps me remember English while I'm speaking Italiano.)
Sei. Well there are no other details...I just wanted an excuse to write Sei. (I am learning to count in Italiano-I can only count to 15 though, or 14...I cant remember.)


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