Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gimmelwald, Switzerland: Day Three

Day three. With sore legs from yesterday, we left the best hike for the nicest day. Good thing it turned out that way. While most take the cable car to the top of Schilthorn, we wanted to hike. It is suggested to give it 5 hours to reach the top. And sure did. By far the most exhausted I've ever felt in a day. It took us about 9 hours total and I have a head-ache. It was quite the experience when we were as high as the clouds and then were IN THEM. And we also got to play "hot lava" but except the lava was the cow's litter box...and it wasn't as fun as I remember the game being. It is scary to say now after a few days here I just shrug off the cow poop on my shoes and legs like it is nothing.

First day with blue skies.

Which means sunshine :)

Fog kept rolling in and we only could see the path in front of us. This is where we came from.

Fog kept creeping me out.

Simba's rock.

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