Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Little Details.

After being in the New England area for a little while now, I've come to realize the overwhelming power the largest mountain in the East has over everything else-much like the CEO of a company or the finish line of a race. Why does the infamous Mt. Washington get the most attention while every other peak hides in its shadow? I face this a lot while I have been taking pictures and bringing back my findings. "Did you get any good ones of Mount Washington?" "What about the views at the top? Get any of those?" I just shrug and say..."No, but I got some awesome shots of the trail along the way. Some interesting views of trees and some close-ups of water droplets from the morning dew." To me, these things are the most interesting...the small details that are commonly over-looked by those hikers seeking to get to the top. Sure, the view is amazing. But I try to save that time at the top of the mountain to pictures can compare with the feeling of sitting in complete silence at the peak of a mountain, closing your eyes in the sunshine and eating a big lunch.

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