Sunday, March 20, 2011

as if i shrunk

i came to a revelation the other day...well not a revelation but just a thought. i don't know why but looking back on the picture taking process...i am most fascinated with the camera angles that aren't humanly possible to be in naturally...only birds, small insects or other animals have this perspective. we, as humans, never really see things like this. we see the "big picture". so...on that note, i will continue to crawl on the ground and shove my camera into places only my ant friends get to see. i guess i'll call this an experiment. we'll see how it goes...until then...i'll look back upon a couple of my favorite shots as an insect.

subject: dog, charlie. insect: flea.

subject: innocent tree. insect: ant.

subject: mushroom. insect: small bird...not an insect.

subject: rotten root. insect: slimy slug.

subject: wave in a lake. insect: one of those floating spider looking things.

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