Wednesday, February 29, 2012

living this way...

is not because it is "cool".
it is not to take the easy way out.
it is to confront oneself.
without the distractions.
and figure out who that person is.
what do i have to offer if it not stuff.
am i strong?
am i sincere?
everyone is meant to stand apart from everyone else.
but how come we have been slowly massed together.
i want to stand apart.
i want space.
i want truth.
i want a chance to find out what is right and wrong. on my own.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hurricane lantern progression.

a hurricane lantern.

view of yurt through the glass of a hurricane lantern.

view of me and yurt through the hurricane lantern and into a mirror.
i guess this could go on forever.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

this day, life in the yurt means...

cribbage tournaments.
baths in the saco river.
crispy pizzas.
owl hoots.
coyote cries.
friendly neighbors.
hot ashes.
warm sheets.
stacked firewood.
unstacked firewood.
chimney smoke.
oatmeal for breakfast.
no voice chatter.
no greediness.
less stuff.
slow thoughts.
deeper thoughts.
woodstove burns.
hurricane lantern burns.
creaking branches.
howling wind.
wet snow.
challenging oneself to learn.

summer road winter road

the drive into the yurt changes slightly between seasons.