Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22

Yesterday, I went to Assisi. I packed my backpack with my computer, all of my books, camera, wallet, etc. Jessica told me she hiked the way from the train station to the city itself and didn't take the bus. I got to the train station in Foligno and bought my ticket using the automatic ticket machine for the first time. It was easy! I had to wait almost an hour before the next train came so I read my travel book and planned what to do in Assisi. I got off the quick 15 minute train ride and started my two-mile venture to the center Assisi by foot, passing all of those waiting for the bus. I quickly realized in the 95 degree heat and beaming direct sunlight it may be a slow death.

The walk turned into a hike when I started to get closer. Assisi is on top of a big hill overlooking the Umbria countryside.

There was only one other person on the path up to Assisi and from a distance, I followed the old man. Suddenly I felt ok. By the time I reached the outer city walls of Assisi, I was completely drenched. In order to follow my tour book's guide through Assisi, I had to keep climbing up to the highest elevation and make my way down. This is part of the city wall on my climb up.

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